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24-Dec-2017 20:11

It allowed Corbyn to pose as a consensual pragmatist who listened to his colleagues and worked with them, when in fact 172 of them said they had no confidence him less than a year ago.

Corbyn the Campaigner had handled the opening questions from the studio audience well.

He even engaged with people who disagreed with him and urged them to change their minds. The audience liked it, and so the gaping holes in Corbyn’s policies didn’t seem to matter much.

He said immigration would “probably” come down under a Labour government “but I don’t want to be held to this”.

Jeremy Paxman had one embarrassing quotation from him in 1982 saying the war was a “Tory plot”, but Corbyn, picking up speed again, swerved back off the grass verge and onto the safe line of saying he wanted negotiations.

They didn’t like it much, but they accepted it from a woman who so obviously seemed to know what she was talking about.To the tune of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes, hundreds of festivalgoers chanted: “Oh Je-rem-y Cor-byn.” This year’s festival saw performances from the world’s most famous musicians, but the act on everyone’s lips is a 68-year old, brown suit-wearing socialist.Try as they might, the likes of Stormzy, Lorde and Radiohead simply couldn’t compete with Jeremy Corbyn.Paxman thought he had scored some debating point when she refused to say directly that she would “walk away” from the talks if she couldn’t get what she wanted, but all he had done was allow her to explain, with some force, what she meant by saying “no deal is better than a bad deal”.

She said: “You are not in there to get a deal at any price.” Corbyn had a much better 45 minutes than she did, but she was the one the audience would send in to Brussels to negotiate with our European partners.Now, after two turns of the Paxman rack, they were unfrozen again.

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